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Tata Indigo eGLS Reviews


By Ashutosh Nandwana

Price: 9,03,800


“Tata Indigo” a risk filled trustless ride on long drives

Pros : Good Price and spacious interiors

Cons : Not trustable on long drives and engine sound is too high

I have been living in a joint family and driving Tata cars for the last 10 years, we consider it as “Desh ki aan aur desh ki shaan” We have all from Indica to Safari and it’s been a tribute to own our country’s best and toughest drives. Hello all, I am Ashutosh Nandwana, a farmer from Nagaur city, I am happy with the performance of all our cars but one model, our 2012 owned Tata Indigo eGLS is giving us the hard time. Car is good on mileage and pricing but the toughness of the vehicle is under question. We are the village inhabitants and the roads we drive on are the roughest. It’s been more than a year now and my Indigo counting 15000kms on milometer, I have suffered car’s severe breakdowns and it’s not a trusted wagon anymore.

Last time I was on my way to Jodhpur and car stopped suddenly on the busy highway for no reason, initially it seemed over heating problem, so we opened the hood to check it out, coolant was full, no fumes and any sign of overheating was fairy visible. We checked for other things like spark plug and electric connections for fault but all the efforts to revive the energy were doomed. We found ourselves in the dilemma and were not able to decide what to do, so we called upon a mechanic from the nearby village but he too was not able to understand what just happened. Oh god we were stuck and in the worst situation, it was very important for me to reach Jodhpur, I arranged for the alternative and by the time I reached, I lost my deal, I lost 8lakhs because of the piece of scrap and won’t be able to trust it anymore, I have stopped using it.

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