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Tata Indigo eGLX Reviews


By Pankaj Sharma

Price: 9,03,800


My customers love the Tata Indigo

Pros : highly comfortable, large spaces, good air conditioning system

Cons : no airbags or other safety features, no alloy wheels

I had purchased two Tata Indigo eGLX cars about three months ago to increase the number of cars in my fleet of taxis which I own and run for my business. And I am really very happy that many of my customers who have used this car have really loved the comfort levels which this car provides in it. Tata motors have been very popular in producing very good cars which have been very successful with a very attractive price tag.

The car is not only highly comfortable with very good seats and very good amounts of space in all the possible aspects but it has also been fitted with a very powerful engine. And the engine has also been designed in such a way that it produces very good amount of mileage. The exteriors of this car are pretty much decent and attractive. The exteriors of this particular car come with many attractive features which are factory fitted. The car does not give a lot of mileage in the city area, but a very good amount of mileage on the highways. I am really not complaining much about this thing as most of the times my cars have to be on the highways only.

The interiors of this particular car are very comfortable and spacious which can easily accommodate five adults inside it with all of them seated very comfortably. The high amounts of comfort which I am talking about come from the very comfortable seats and high amount of space that comes in this car in the leg room and the shoulder room. The interiors of this car are made to be more comfortable with many comfort features such as a very good and efficient air conditioning system. The only things which this car lacks primarily are the safety features. The car does not have any airbags which is a very important safety feature these days. And not having any airbags in a car which is used as a taxi. Another thing which disappoints me is the absence of alloy wheels in these cars. Apart from these two things I should say that this is a really good car. And I am really happy with this car and the high comfort levels that this car provides.

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