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Tata Indigo LX TDi Reviews


By Jaidev

Price: 9,03,800


Want an affordable luxury? Go for Indigo!

Pros : Music system with four speakers, power steering, diesel engine with intercoolers and affordable price

Cons : No airbags and alloy wheels

hello! I am a 67 year old retired government official. All my life I have used a Maruti 800 for my office and family purpose. Now that my son has grown up and has his own family he is maintaining his personal car i.e. a Maruti Wagon R. I never felt a need for switching over to another car till now but after my retirement I and my wife are planning to buy a big car so that we can feel the joy of going altogether with our whole family. Also she is of the view that now that I am free from all my responsibilities I must think of my wishes apart from the family’s needs. Actually it’s true that I never felt of switching over to another car but somewhere in my heart I always wanted to own a big car with a luxury look but could never purchase. But as you know a person who has been working all his life and is in a habit of spending in limit cannot spend generously all of a sudden even if he has the funds. Same was the case with me. But I had to kneel in front of my wife’s adamancy. And then started 'mission Car Luxury'. All my family members including my wife, son, daughter, daughter in law and even my little grandson came up with a new suggestion everyday but all of them were so expensive that my heart couldn’t approve of it. At last by God’s grace one of my ex-colleagues and my very good friend told me about Tata Indigo LX TDi. When I searched about it on internet and went through its price and features I was so delighted and also surprised to find all those amazing features and that royal luxury look in an amazingly low price as compared to other notchbacks having same features.

The very next day I went to the showroom with my wife and daughter and took it on a test drive. Believe me it was amazing. The power steering made the driving so smooth. All the features of the car were just amazing. And I purchased the car in a day or two. I never loved driving so much as I love to do it in my Tata Indigo LX TDi. The air conditioner of the car is so strong that the time spent in the car becomes a wonderful time. The interior is very beautiful and the car is very comfortable and spacious. As I also am very particular about the durability and assurance given by the car I am quite satisfied.

The engine is a powerful one with intercooler. The music system although is not a very important concern for me but my daughter and grandson just love it. The best thing I love about the car is that it has a diesel engine and when in today’s time when the petrol prices are reaching to the sky I am very happy with my car’s performance. The average given by the car is more than satisfactory at 20 kmpl. All over, I and my wife got a big car with a luxury look and now we can take our whole family with us whenever we want. It is no doubt an affordable luxury and I am very happy with its performance.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Tata Indigo engine is powerful



Friday, August 17, 2012


Tata Indigo is a one of best affordable car.

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