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Tata Manza Aura ABS Quadrajet Reviews


By Minuchaher Havewala

Price: 9,03,800


Excellent piece of engineering marvel by Tata Motors

Pros : Looks, comfort, handling, infotainment system, ABS

Cons : Service in some cities

I own a Manza Aura ABS(Quadrajet) since last two and a half years. It is truly a value for money car. The mileage I get in Bangalore city is astonishing 14kmpl! On a long distance drive, if I don't over speed and keep the maximum to 120Km/h, I get a mileage of around 23 kmpl! The vehicle is very easy to handle, has luxurious space and ample boot room. The ABS is fantastic. It may have really saved me from sticky situations a couple of times. For a longer drive this car is extremely comfortable mainly because the distance between the top of the driver's seat to the flooring is very good so after a long continuous drive of four five hours, your knees don't buckle and one can walk erect after stepping out! Out and out a wonderful car to own and drive around. I highly recommend this car to anyone desiring to buy a sedan. A really rugged car with an amazingly fuel efficient yet very powerful engine. Go for it!!

Minuchaher Havewala


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