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Tata Sumo Victa DI LX Reviews


By Navin

Price: 9,03,800


A heavy, rugged, trustable carrier

Pros : Nice silent powerful engine, ample boot and legroom space, high fuel efficiency, low maintenance and easy to drive for long hours

Cons : Boring looks, tacky unchanged interiors, less powerful a/c and suspension that transfers all road vibrations to passengers

I have been driving Tata Sumo for close to 5 years now and got it as an inheritance from my father who likes to drive big hunky off roaders. Hey don’t google on your thoughts he is alive and very energetic and agile like a juvenile athlete and he updated himself with new Toyota Fortuner. I took test drive of new Victa to compare it with my old one and found that car has went through few touch ups and face lifting and don’t look much different from the old conventional model.

I personally don’t like Sumo, as it still looks boxy, old and reminds me of early 80’s amateur, fuel guzzler off roaders unable to match up today’s high-tech vehicles. Old Sumo been amended with modern features but still looks more like a cab and I must say it’s the only vehicle I have seen which is rugged and tough enough to drive on all kind of terrains. Maintenance cost is not a matter of worry and ample inner space has always been one of its strongest points in which it tops the list. Interiors have been revamped and the all new version “Tata Sumo Grande” is available to live up to the expectations of modern passionate off roaders.

Fuel economy of close to 10 kms with a/c, nice music system, strong hold at higher speeds, small turning radius and high loading capacity to carry all your belongings  at a much reasonable price are the key characteristics this giant holds together with Tata’s trust and makes it a complete package. If your curious mind still has doubts than have a test drive of the all new Sumo Grande and feel the difference.

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