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Toyota Camry AT with Moonroof Reviews


By Jagadish

Price: 9,03,800


Unbeatable combination of luxury, space and comfort

Pros : Ample space inside, c-class comfort at much reasonable price, good fuel economy, nice handling and a good reliable vehicle for Indian conditions

Cons : Less stylish in comparison to other cars of the segment and a long wait after booking

I have Toyota Camry’s 2011 W4 AT model and is a real fun to drive. I have always been a great admirer of big cars and Camry is a true portrait of my desire. It’s an ample spacious vehicle with good power, nice fuel economy of 8 Km/ltr and an extremely powerful a/c which can chill all the corners in less than 4 mins. It is fully equipped with all the safety features that a Mercedes c –class holds and adds more space to it to make a complete package. I like styling but if I compare it to Honda’s Accord and BMW, it looks less smart and elegant but if I compare the interiors it wins the show.

I like to go on long vacations with my family and I prefer to go by car and it never made me feel less comfortable. Its engine power is great and is very smooth and easy to handle at speeds of 150km/hr. Suspensions are real softy and driving on bumpy, potholed roads is not a matter of concern. It has only petrol version in place however I think for the car of such enormous size and powerful engine, a diesel version can do marvels and users would be able to save a lot too. After sales service is great and maintenance cost is relatively low as compared to other cars sharing the segment

Camry proved Toyota as a synonym for quality and best value for money and also is an assurance that you can reap the benefits as long as you can for the wise decision taken.

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Rahul Bolya

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Toyota Camry is fully luxourious sedan.



Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Whats the safety features of Toyota Camry?

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