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Toyota Etios Diesel JD Reviews


By Rohan Arora

Price: 9,03,800


Wanna live a peaceful life better stay away from Toyota Etios

Pros : Reasonable price and Toyota’s inbuilt trust

Cons : Car looks powerless and is not a trustable wagon

Good afternoon guys, Myself Rohan Arora from Agra. I purchased Toyota’s Etios 9 months back and yeah one thing I want to say to all who are making their mind to purchase this vehicle, guys don’t go for it, I have suffered a lot and I am warning you all in advance of the kind of problems you may encounter while driving this vehicle. I faced the biggest difficulty 6 months back when car broke down in the middle of a busy highway and I was having no way out. I was stunned what happened, I checked out the engine and other things which I can do on my end but everything was dead and I was totally dumbfounded. I called for the highway patrol and thanks to god they picked me out of that situation.

I reported the problem at the company’s service station, they are very responsive and customer focused. They checked the car and told me that it was the transmission problem and they have fixed it. They even apologized for the difficulties I faced and yeah I felt good on hearing all that. Etios was great for the coming 2 months than again I found myself in something I don’t even want to remember, car again broke down in the middle of heavy city traffic and I was like completely helpless, I asked the pedestrians to push it so that I can park it in the side lane. God, I never felt so humiliated and emasculated ever before and this time I was done with it, I filed complaint with the company they again apologized but this time they are unable to bring back my joy and happiness, they again said we have fixed the problem now you won’t suffer from it but I have lost something which they won’t be able to recover and the magic word is “trust”.

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