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Toyota Etios Liva V Reviews


By E.V. Srenivasan

Price: 9,03,800





We Purchased Toyota Etios Liva last year during Diwali and it was maintained only with the dealer from the beginning. No additional extra fittings were deployed in the car other than what the dealer provided for extra cost at the time of purchase.

But before this year Diwali, the car burnt automatically (on a rainy day midnight 11.30 PM) while it was parked in my house porch in side locked gates. Since it was first year itself, we may get the basic cost from the insurance. But the arrogant Toyota Kirloskar Motor personnel are giving a standard sterio  type reply that their vehicle is not having any fault, that too when Toyota Japan has recalled about 2.8 Million cars of other brands worldwide. The way they are repeatedly replying seems as such we ourself set fire to our own brand new car (it has hardly run about 2000 kms). The blunder what I did was chossing Toyota brand car. As a middle class person, even if I have hired vehicle to travel for these 2000 odd kilometers, I would not have spent more than one tenth of this lost amount (almost more that two lakhs I lost, just because of buying Toyota Etios car).

Even as I am using Toyota (Japanese) car for the past more than 18 years, my sincere advise not to buy Toyota cars in India, even though it's a Japanese tied-up brand of car. You will not get proper response from the local manufacturer, TKM. This is my experience, even after appealing directly to their CEO of TKM, a typical Indian Manufacturer who don’t take responsibilities mostly . DUE TO THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH TOYOTA INDIA, I ADVICE FELLOW CUSTOMERS WHO ARE WILLING TO BUY A NEW CAR, NOT TO CHOOSE TOYOTA ETIOS LIVA - IT WILL BE BETTER TO GO FOR SOME OTHER REPUTED BRAND(S).

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