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User Reviews of Volkswagen Passat Diesel Highline (2)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

By Hardik

Refreshing face of modern technology

Pros : Elegant and beautifully designed, nice interiors, low turning radius and best in class fuel efficiency

Cons :Low ground clearance, suspension is cramped; gear box is stiff and creates problems

I am driving Volkswagen’s Passat for over a year now and am much satisfied with the overall performance of the vehicle. Looks are good but simple and are not in accordance with the other cars of the same segment which looks more stylish and sexy like Honda’s Accord but Volkswagen has.... [...]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

By Chaitan

A stylish elegant looking classy vehicle

Pros : Stylish yet elegant looks, smooth sleek design, paint quality and finishing is amazing, smart simple but classy interiors, ample space in front, rear and boot and is made well to provide 7 star luxury

Cons :Ground clearance is a big problem with Volkswagen vehicles and they all bear high maintenance cost

I am driving Passat for over a year now and before that I had Skoda Laura which is also an amazing vehicle but the European engineering over passed Skoda and I exchanged it with Passat. Talking about Passat, it’s a very elegant looking vehicle with very fine finishing and style but at the.... [...]

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