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Volkswagen Polo Petrol Trendline Reviews


By Nikita

Price: 9,03,800


Polo feels like the vibrations of an earthquake

Pros : spacious, trendy and nice features

Cons : noisy, vibrant and harsh in driving

When a person purchases a car, the first thing he wants in it to be the best drive. Rest of the things like comfort, features and looks are secondary. The Volkswagen is the most reputed company of cars and to have a quality like this from Volkswagen is truly a shame. Hi friends. My name is Nikita and I live in Chandigarh. My father gifted me a Volkswagen Polo Petrol Trendline on my last birthday and I was very happy.  With the great name of the company I knew that it was the best car but my all expectations had to face a tough time when I actually experienced the car.

I couldn’t believe that the car is so roughly driven. The features expected from the car were nice as expected but the different kind of breakers it used to give me while driving was not at all tolerable. I used to complain daily to my dad about it. The terrible jerks and the time it took to start exceeded my patience level. The creaky sounds made by its engine parts which driving irritated and embarrassed me a lot. Due to these things I had to send it to service center mostly which delayed me every time and my boss got very upset with me.

With all the troubles in it the better features of the car got overshadowed. First thing is the drive which if not comfortable and smooth then no matter whichever car one has bought is a rue disaster for that person. Volkswagen Polo Petrol Trendline is the worst experience of my life and next time I will not trust any brand name until I get satisfied by the product I purchase.

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