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Volvo S60 Summum D5 Reviews


By Kartik

Price: 9,03,800


A luxurious sports car in an unbeatable price

Pros : High ground clearance, it’s an import and priced well, agile and runs like rocket, stunning exteriors, simple yet elegant interiors and is surely a style icon

Cons : Dashboard is stuffy and sometimes creates confusion, delicate fragile material unable to go hard on Indian roads and spare tyre is not available

I have been driving Mercedes C class for close to 2 years now and still it satisfies my greed of luxury and comfort well but it looks simple and lacks that sporty spirit and now I want to buy a sports car which can satisfy my hunger for speed. I was juggling around good automobile sites and saw Volvo’ s60, it looks marvelous and very sporty. I checked out the specifications well and contacted dealer for a test drive.

Finally I was in front of something which is very similar to my expectations and desires, awesome exteriors, very nice finishing, bold sporty looks reminded me of Mercedes SLR, rear side is wonderfully designed, nice grooves and side curving is very distinct and very classy.

I was driving on NH9 and everybody was looking at me, gazing at car with surprised eyes with their mouth agape, wherever we went it attracted a lot of attention and a much aged uncle came close to me and asked me about the specifications. I was very happy and car makes the owner a style icon. It’s an import and priced very well close to 27 lacs and you get host of safety features some of them are unique to this vehicle, interiors are slightly boring but if we look for the value of money it can shame its German competitors.

Noise levels are quite high for this class of vehicle but that sound astounds me and gives a sports car feel. Marvelous piece of engineering and is basically a gap filler between Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This car has amazing features and classy interiors..

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