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Volvo XC60 Kinetic D3 Reviews


By Yogendra

Price: 9,03,800


I always dream about Volvo XC60

Pros : high quality material, quality features, great power

Cons : none

I have always wanted to have a high end hatchback which was made from the top most quality things. And now I have found such a car and I really want to own and drive it in future. I wanted to have such a car which just had it all in all of its aspects. Be it styling, be it features or be it high quality of power and this car has it all and that too of the highest quality. Apart from the regular the air conditioning system, power steering, power windows on all windows, central locking system, anti lock braking system and other such features, this car has some other features as well which are of the highest and the best quality.

The new kind of features include SIPS 2 step airbag, inflatable curtain, whiplash protection system, intelligent driver information system, dynamic stability and traction control anti skid system, and this car also has some other top end safety features. The audio system of this car includes a CD player system with Mp3 decoder with 5 inches screen, Bluetooth hands free and audio streaming. Electronic climate control, interior movement sensor (IMS) and ergonomically designed seats.

This car really pushes all limits of safety features and technological innovation. The car has a very good level and quality of power. And hence this car has the capability of going from stand still position to a 100 km per hour in just around 10 seconds. The car is equipped to give a good mileage of 9 km per litre in city and about 12 km per litre on the highways. The thing about the car which I like the most is the fact that this car has all the features. Be it safety, be it comfort or be it performance this car has it all. I just have to name the feature and it is present there in the car and that too of the highest quality. I therefore like this car very much as this car has it all. I really dream to own it one day as I really like this car very much from all the aspects it has in it.

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