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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Nissan’s remake of Renault Duster not in the near future

Renault has reengineered the Nissan Micra to form Renault Pulse and the Nissan Sunny to form Renault Scala recently and it was now Nissan’s turn to rebadged Renault cars in India. But the car maker will not be bringing the Renault Duster remake in the near future. Although the two car makers are in global alliance that they will be sharing cars and platform but Renault seems to be at advantage out of this alliance in India, it seems. Notably, after Renault launched the rebadged Pulse and Scala lately, it was highly anticipated that this time Nissan will be coming up with something and the paparazzi zeroed in on Renault Duster. However, the present announcement by the Renault chief Marc Nassif has made sure that the Duster SUV will continue to enjoy its success tenure and there is no rival in the near future from its ally.

Renault Duster Pictures

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In India, the Renault Nissan JV has established its plant at Oragadam in Chennai and it is here that the car makers produce their cars. In order to separate their identities, the car makers have established their separate dealerships and other network. Thus the cars may be produced at the same factory and could share a lot of parts but are different cars when these come out of the facility and are sold as different cars at different places. Nissan and Renault cars have earned new fame recently and specially when the car makers have come up with new cars including the Nissan Sunny, and the five new cars by Renault this year.

Renault Duster Pictures

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One after the other launches has also kept the French car maker Renault in limelight. Starting with the Renault Fluence sedan and the Renault Koleos SUV, the car maker proved that it has an aggressive stand for India. Later when it realized that the premium cars have little scope, it launched the rebadged Renault Pulse small car followed by the segment first Renault Duster SUV and then the popular segment sedan Renault Scala recently. This way the car maker remained in the highlight and the offerings have improved its sales as well as brand visibility drastically.

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