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Friday, October 02, 2020

By Carkhabri Team

5 Not To Do Mistakes While Driving A Car With Manual Gearbox

5 Not To Do Mistakes While Driving A Car With Manual Gearbox

Despite the increasing popularity of cars with an automatic transmission system, most of the car buyers prefer to drive a car with a manual gear transmission system. This is because today with changing technology the cars are equipped with technically advanced manual gearboxes which offer the improved driving experience to the drivers on different terrains. But there are some common mistakes which most of the people do while driving a car with a manual gear transmission system, which damages the gearbox and the engine of their car. This blog points out five major mistakes that should be avoided when driving such a car.
Keeping the foot on the clutch pedal:  It is seen that often driver keep their foot used for pressing the clutch constantly on its pedal throughout drive or keep the clutch pedal half-pressed. Doing this on regular basis damages the clutch pedal of your vehicle, and puts an extra financial burden on your wallet.
Keep the engine running on a red light: Often people keep the engine of the car in running position as well press the clutch pedal to move the car as soon as the light turns green. This not only impacts the performance of the engine and the gearbox but also consumes extra fuel. It is better to always switch-off the engine as soon as you reach the traffic signal.
Pressing the clutch while driving through hills: The manual gear transmission system works well on the hilly roads, but in the absence of knowledge people keep the clutch pedal pressed while driving through hills, this restricts the clutch from performing its operation and the car starts moving back.  It is recommended to drive the car in gear without pressing the clutch constantly, and use it only at the time when there is a necessity of changing the gear.
Keeping the hand of gear lever: While driving people often keep their one hand on the gear lever due to which gear lever comes in contact with the selector fork rotating collar which increases the chances of changing gear even when it is not required. Therefore take your hand on the gear lever only you need to change the gear, else always keep your hands on the steering wheel.
Not changing the gear: People often forget to change the gear and keep driving on third and fourth gear while driving at high-speed, this directly puts extra pressure on the performance of the engine, as it has to develop more power for speeding the car according to gear. At the same time, it also damages the performance of the gearbox.

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