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Friday, August 20, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Importance of Car Parking Sensors

Importance of Car Parking Sensors

There is no doubt that cars manufactured today are smarter than the cars manufactured a decade back.  The cars of today’s generation not only offer smooth driving experience but also come with lots of safety features to protect your life. One such feature is integration of ultrasonic parking sensor.  Integrating parking sensors is not only helpful in parallel parking it also controls the chances of accidents that happen while parking.  Parking sensors start blowing sound as soon as your car reaches close to the object behind it.  Sometimes while parking a driver is not able to see the objects behind the car and gets the vehicle either damaged or hits to some standing close to it.
Car Parking Sensors
Is It Possible to Add Parking Sensors Post-Buying? Today going through the increasing number of accidents while parking the vehicle, government has made it mandatory to integrate parking sensors in the upcoming cars.  These sensors are mounted on the front and rear bumpers.  Anyhow, if your car has no sensors, then depending upon your requirement you can install them from the market.  An expert technician will fix them on your car with the help of a special drilling machine.
Types of Parking Sensors: There are two types of parking sensors:
Ultrasonic Parking Sensors:  These sensors use echo sound to detect the distance of the object behind your car.   They are placed to make sure the uninterrupted flow of acoustic waves.  They send alerts to the driver as the car moves close to the object. The frequency of the sound gets deeper as the distance between the car and object get closer.
Electronic Parking Sensors:  These sensors develop an electromagnetic field in the entire bumper of the car. As soon as the sensors detect any obstacle in the way of the car, it starts sending information to the driver. These bumpers are mounted inside the bumpers.  They are more powerful than ultrasonic sensors.
Relevance of Parking Sensors: The most important benefit of parking sensors is that they not only help in parallel parking, they are helpful in parking in the dark areas where it is not possible  to see any object from rear view mirrors. 

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