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Friday, November 30, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Maintaining The Exteriors Of The Car

Maintaining The Exteriors Of The Car

The bright shining car grabs the attention of commuters instantly at first instance and develops the feeling of pride to the car owner. Therefore, when it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of the car every car owner tries to not leave any stone unturned in keeping his car look like a brand new car. Although, sometimes due to his mistake or due to improper driving habits of the fellow drivers, there are scratches and marks of dents on different segments of the exterior. But, still, it is the desire of every person that his car stays shining throughout his life, therefore, ignoring all the scratches and dents a person tries to retain the exterior beauty of his car.
But, as a person has to drive and park his car in vulnerable environmental conditions the shine and brightness of the car’s paint starts getting fade and losing, especially the ultra-violet rays from the sun during the season of winter can be considered as the key player for discolouring the shine of car. Interestingly, going through the concern of our readers, we are suggesting some precautions which could be adopted for at-least protecting the shine of the car for a long time.
Daily washing: If you think that by washing your car daily will be helpful in retaining its shine and original colour, and therefore every morning you can lots of people carrying a bucket full of water with a piece of cloth for cleaning their car. This surprisingly is a myth and daily wash of the exterior might result in the removal of the protective layer, thus, extracting out the painted sheet. Instead of a regular wash, it would be better to get wash-wax applied on the exterior of the vehicle on monthly basis. Doing this is helpful in developing a thin coating of wax over the sheet, thus protecting the paint and keeping the shine of the car look like a new car for a long time.
Using the paint protection: In the current scenario, you can find a plethora of paint protection lotions in the market that could be helpful in enhancing the appearance of the car from its exterior front. But, now all of them are authentic. It is therefore suggested to use such products only after thoroughly understanding their composition and drawbacks of using them.
Mismatched paint
Mismatched paint: This problem mainly pertains with the used cars that are sold in the market. To get rid of this problem, the best way is to get the whole car re-painted, then applying a paint rejuvenation lotion on the exterior. The only thing while getting the re-painted is to make sure that you drive the car only it is properly dried.
Thus, in short, it can be said that with little care and smartness you can retain the original look of your beloved car for a long time.

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