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Friday, July 30, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Tips to Improve the Gas Mileage of the CNG Car

Tips to Improve the Gas Mileage of the CNG Car

How to improve the mileage of a car is one of the important questions about which every car owner is concerned? With increasing fuel prices and the poor infrastructure facilities for electric cars, people are shifting towards CNG cars. Interestingly the mileage of fuel-based cars also varies according to their make. However, there are certain ways by which the owners of CNG cars can boost the mileage of their cars. Some of these ways are:
Don’t Accelerate Immediately: There are lots of car drivers who like listening to the accelerating sound of their car. Doing this burns the fuel of your car, CNG car is not an exception to this. If you also accelerate your car immediately after switching on its ignition then you are making a big mistake. By doing you are uselessly burning the gas of your car. Instead of that, increase the speed of your car slowly, this will help in improving the gas consumption of your car, and also the life of its engine.
Use the Appropriate Fuel: Before launching a new car in the market, the manufacturers conduct a test drive to assess its mileage. For this, they use premium fuel. You can also your dealer the type of fuel suitable for your car to increase its mileage. You can read the owner’s manual if you own it. 
Apply the Brakes Slowly: Pressing the gas pedal and then applying the brakes burns the gas in your car. To get rid of this problem, let the car move slowly as long as it moves and then push the gas pedal at the time you want to stop it.
Avoid the Practice of Stopping and Moving: With an increasing number of vehicles, car owners have to struggle with the problem of heavy traffic. Driving in the situation of braking and moving, also burns the gas to a huge extent. If you have to drive through the same traffic regularly, then it will badly affect the gas mileage of your car. It is better to change your way and find the one with less traffic.
Stop Idling: Idling is one of the worst habits that burns the gas of your car. Whether you are not able to move ahead due to heavy traffic or any other reason, idling the car will burn its gas. Try to avoid idling to enjoy the improved mileage of your car.
Following these small tips will help you in enjoying the improved gas mileage of the car.

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