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Friday, June 16, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

Tips To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Car

Tips To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Car

Despite multiple options of cars available in the market, the arrival of a new car in the family brings a smile to the faces of every family member. However, as time passes your car also gets older and there is a decline in its performance and you plan to resale your existing car for bringing new wheels to your home.
But bringing a new car to home is not an easy task. With the increasing cost of cars and changing lifestyles and increasing cost of EMI, a person has to sacrifice his various needs to bring a new car.  Interestingly, it is the time when your existing car may help you in bringing a new car by selling it. In recent years, the market for used cars has witnessed dynamic growth and a special segment of buyers has emerged in the market for these cars. 
These buyers are ready to pay any price according to the choice of sellers depending upon the condition of the car. Inspired by this many car owners are taking advantage of selling their existing car in this market to bring a new car to their family. However, for this, there is a need to maintain the proper condition of the car. If you are also planning to bring a new car to your family and sell the existing car, then there are certain tips for you to consider.
Proper Regular Maintenance: Maintaining an up-to-date service logbook is crucial when planning to sell the car and get the desired price in the used car market. Dealers, dealing with the sale of used cars, are careful about vehicles that have not been adequately maintained. Additionally, proper maintenance makes driving smooth, safer and comfortable not only for the existing owner but also for prospective buyers. In short, proper maintenance of a car offers the twin benefit of smooth driving and getting the desired reselling value.
Drive Carefully: The way you drive your car directly affects its wear and tear over time. Consistently revving the engine at high levels and engaging in aggressive driving habits can deteriorate the value of your vehicle. Hard braking and rough gear shifts also impact the performance and age of your car. By adopting a sensible and smooth driving style, you can potentially minimize issues and maintain a more appealing car when it comes time to sell.
Regular Cleaning: Accumulated road dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and insects can become increasingly difficult to remove over time, potentially causing permanent damage to your car's paintwork. It is best to promptly clean and remove such contaminants as soon as they appear. This is particularly crucial for bird droppings and tree sap, which can eat through the paint's protective layer and leave lasting blemishes.  
Try to Park In Shelter: Direct exposure to sun and rain eventually affect the exterior of your car. Whenever possible, try to park your car in covered or sheltered areas to minimize the impact of the elements. By reducing prolonged exposure, you increase the chances of maintaining a fresh appearance for years to come.
Invest in Protection: Regular application of wax and other protective coatings can significantly extend the life and visual appeal of your car's paintwork. Applying a fresh coat annually, either through personal effort or by seeking professional assistance, can help preserve that "new car" look. 
Avoid Smoking: Regular smoking in your car for a long period can result in the accumulation of permanent odour inside the car. The smoky smell stays for a long time and can impact the buying decision of prospective buyers. It is advisable to establish a no-smoking policy in your car right from the beginning to prevent this issue.
Don't Let Your Beloved Pet Damage The Interiors: Undoubtedly your furry friend is no less than a family member in which he is raised, it should be remembered that going out with them daily in the car alleviates the fresh-smelling environment of your car. If you are going for a drive with your pet try using a towel or rug to control the spread of hairs falling on the carpet or seats. 
Modifications: Customizing your car with a modified exhaust system or eye-catching alloy wheels may hold personal value. However, it's worth noting that aftermarket modifications, especially those with a performance focus, may not be highly sought-after in the used car market. In some cases, these modifications can even decrease the car's value compared to its original state. Be mindful of the modifications you choose and, if possible, retain the original parts. Restoring the car to its standard configuration before selling it can help maximize its market worth.
Conclusion: Proper maintenance of the car is an essential step to receiving its desired value. Considering these factors will not only offer you the true value of your car but also offer the pleasure of enjoying a safe and comfortable drive to you and your prospective buyer.

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