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Friday, September 23, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

What Is The Meaning Of Yellow And White Lines On Roads?

What Is The Meaning Of Yellow And White Lines On Roads?

Despite various efforts made by the government of India to control the increasing numbers of people dying in road accidents, and every year, this number is increasing at a jet- dynamic speed. To control these accidents, various rules are implemented by the government, but as most people are unaware of these rules, they become the victims of accidents. One such rule is the making of yellow and white lines on roads. For most people, these lines are made to let the vehicles coming from opposite directions move in the same loop. Well, this is true, but these lines mean a lot. Today, let’s understand the meaning of these lines in detail.
White Broken Lines: The main objective of leaving the gap between the white lines is to let the people change their lanes according to the traffic. However, before changing your lane make sure, there is no vehicle behind your vehicle. Also while changing your lane use an indicator to let the vehicle far behind about your intentions of changing the lane. 
Long White Lane: The long white lane indicates that you have to move only in your lane and cannot change the road side for safety reasons.
Long Yellow Line: The long yellow line is drawn to restrict the vehicles from crossing to another side of the road. However, in different states, this line has a different meaning. For instance, in Telangana, this line means you cannot overtake your vehicle while moving in the same lane.
Double Long Yellow Line: The meaning of a double long yellow line is that you cannot cross these lines while moving in the same lane. It is wrong to move over or cross this line.

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