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Hyundai i20 Petrol Magna Reviews


By Priyanka

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai i20, not the worth!

Pros : Stylish finishing

Cons : Bad quality plastic, less legroom at the rear

Most of the people would say i20 works the Uber Cool for them but as for me, it was more of a disappointment. There is nothing about this hatch that sounds new or exciting; in fact the design is not something that is extravagant. The exteriors simply fail to charm; I would say that the previous models were better. Having a test drive of this vehicle seemed way to pressurizing on me. The control is undoubtedly excellent but the front suspension seems a bit too rigid. The engine is quite powerful but even then somehow does not deliver that good pickup. Looking at the price tag of the Magna Petrol, certain features should have been a requisite in the car but it is rather shocking that even an audio system is absent and to meet more odds, there is plastic and only plastic on the dash without the chrome.

The safety features inside the i20 Magna are simply absent, though one good news is that it has a firm muscular body with good dimensions making it a strong automobile on the road, however somehow I decided not to buy the car even when the sales guy told me about the so called impressive mileage stats that too were not in my opinion the best.  Moreover the braking system and transmission control in the cruising was something I found okay and not excellent. It was quite a disappointment since I had thought just the opposite about the hatchback from Hyundai. I would say if you really want to go in for Hyundai, you can give a shot to the i10 but i20 would simply be a waste of money due to the high price of the car that does not live up to the worth. I preferred buying the Maruti Swift over the i20 Magna Petrol.

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Monday, July 2, 2012


Hyundai i20 is simply outstanding. It looks really great and interior is super comfortable.

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