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Mahindra Rexton RX7 AT Reviews


By Anisha

Price: 9,03,800


Driving a Mahindra Rexton

Pros : stylish, comfortable and effortless drive

Cons : none

If one wants to have a smooth drive always, no matter on what terrain one drives, then SUV is absolutely the right choice for it and especially when the SUV is Mahindra Rexton RX7 AT. The individuality one can feel sitting inside it is the best thing one can experience in its whole life. Definitely the car houses great features that are comfortable, advanced, stylish, and great at their work but on the top what the car gives is the experience of a wonderful drive. The turns it take, the smoothness its wheels add, the speed it reaches, the balance and grip it holds on the road are beyond words. These things can only be felt and not written in words.

But may be if the readers can sense a little from my words and give it a try, then my aim of writing this will be complete. Guys this SUV actually offers what one desires from their car. So please just give it a try. If one does have this SUV will definitely agree with my words. I Anisha from Mumbai have myself experienced the wonder of the SUV’s drive and now I know that I made the right choice of buying Mahindra Rexton RX7 AT.

With the 2696 cc RX270 XVT diesel engine and the 5 speed automatic transmission that the gear knob reads, work with great smoothness and result in a fantastic drive. The power steering which is exclusively effortless in moving also makes the driver enjoy driving. The comfort of the seats add to this and no more backache and the tiredness one feels even after a long stretch of many hours drive. The brakes are smooth enough that even on applying them at high speed does not make car lose its balance on road and are quick enough to bring the speed to 0-100 kmph just in few secs.

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