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Maruti 800 MPI AC BS III Reviews


By Kiran

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti 800 needs a break now

Pros : cheap owning cost, low maintenance

Cons : cramped seats, ages old look

Hi car lovers, this is Kiran kapoor from Punjab. I am a regular viewer of the carkhabri website and benefit myself and my friends through this portal. I have read most the reviews published by the car owners here. And this also encouraged me to put my experience for others to take advantage. Coming direct to the point, I have a 10 years old Maruti 800 which I use to travel in city most of the time.

I got the Maruti 800 MPI AC BS III model that is the top model in the 800 range. On the basis of my ten years experience with this small four wheeler, I can say that this is a cheap car to purchase and to maintain since the cost of the regular service and damage part’s replacement comes light on the pocket.  And I think it is same with other Maruti cars on account of Maruti’s parts are easily available anywhere at reasonable cost. Mine is an AC packaged model and this is a big relief for me especially in the summers. Braking, handling, cornering, cruising on highway and parking are fun at any time and in any situation.

Now let me tell you the disadvantages of having a small car in the house and to drive. First of all the looks are now become odd and it looks like a damaged car that has been chopped off from here and there and needs upgrade badly.  Seating comfort is also a big concern in the Maruti 800; you got merely an inch of space for leg, shoulder and head whether it is front or the rear seat.  Bad quality of plastic, fabric, cushion and other material start teasing you just after 2-3 years of purchasing.

I have heard about a new Maruti 800 coming very soon and would like to suggest the wanna-be Maruti 800 owner’s to wait and watch the new 800 and then come on any decision.

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