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Renault Duster Diesel RXL Six Speed Reviews


By Debojit Bhattacharjee

Price: 9,03,800


Diesel prices going to rise soon… UFF!!

Pros : Stunning looks, amazing pick-up, great mileage and a superb power steering

Cons : none

 Hello! This is Debojit Bhattacharjee writing from New Delhi, India. I am an advocate by profession and am a car lover by birth. I love to change my cars every second year and like to try the new and the best ones in the market. My latest car and my favourite one amongst the ones I have presently is the Renault Duster Diesel RXL six speed  which is an amazing car indeed.

The car’s looks are such that one is left spellbound and cannot find words to describe the stunning looks which are sporty and bold but at the same time classy and unique in its own way. If I talk about the performance of the car it is just exemplary. The mileage is very nice at 14 kmpl in the city and 19 kmpl on the highway which I think is more than satisfactory. Pick-up and suspension are very good and the performance is truly excellent. One thing which I really love about the car and which is the reason I prefer this car over my other cars is its power steering. The power steering of the car is so amazing that you just don’t have to make even a little effort and the car runs so smoothly that I cannot describe. I bet you will start loving to drive the car if you have this one.

All my cars are diesel variants so that I can avoid the unnecessary price hike of petrol every now and then and can run my cars in an economic way with the moderate prices of diesel but I guess soon this would not be the case with diesel as well. A drastic rise that is almost of Rupees ten is about to come in the prices of diesel in the next ten months which I guess is a disappointing news for all the diesel car users.

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