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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 4

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 4

Continuing our discussion related with terminologies associated with cars in Part 3 that are used by car dealers and their executives at the time when buyers visit their showroom to buy their dream car, today we are discussing some more terminologies in the same series which will help you in understanding the features that are offered in your dream car.
Clutch: Normally clutch is found between engine and gear transmission system. The main duty of clutch is to make gear shifting an easy task while accelerating and minimizing the speed of vehicle. The need of installing clutch in vehicle is helpful in retaining the proper functioning of engine which rotates at rpm (rotation per minute) of thousands per minute. Changing gear without making use of clutch system may impact not only the working efficiency of engine but also shatters the passengers sitting in car.
Cabin: It is a self explanatory term which refers the interior space of any vehicle. When talked to some professional he will use the term “Greenhouse” for cabin referring all the windows that are offered in a car.
Cabriolet: Cabriolet is the name given to a small car with two door entrance facility. With seating capacity of four persons an interesting feature of this car is its retractable roof with a hand.
Cabriolet Car
Carbon Brakes: Use of Carbon Brakes came into practice in 1978. The main objective of this braking system was to offer improved braking system than the then steel braking system. The worth mentioning feature of these brakes is that they operate smoothly under extreme temperature.
Carburetor: Integration of Carburetor plays an important role in improvising fuel efficiency of any vehicle. However since 1980 as an impact of new emission laws use of fuel injection system came into practice. The main function of carburetor was to mixing air with fuel.
Central locking system: Use of Central locking system has emerged as an authentic measure to protect your beloved car from the eyes of thieves to great extent. Installation of this system facilitates you to open and close all doors of your car at same time, moving ahead if anyone tries to forcefully open you car than it starts blowing siren grabbing the attention of persons and catching the person red handed trying to steal your car.
Check Valve: It is a kind of safety valve that makes smooth flow of fuel and air in same direction.
Climate control system: The term is used for automatically determining the temperature inside the car whether it is cooling, heating, ventilating, defrosting etc. Today all vehicles are equipped with climate control system. 
Climate Control System
Coil: The main function of coil is to transform electric current through spark plugs. The pressure of electronic transformation helps in filling the gap between different spark plugs which ignites fuel inside the cylinders.
Chassis: It is the portion in car where the driver seat is placed and from which engine and suspension of car are attached.

Car Chassis
Coupe: A two door car with efficiency of offering comfort seating experience to two persons.
Coupe Car
Convertible: The four door car with seating facility for five persons. Developed mainly in America an interesting feature of this car is that it allows passengers to lower or remove the top of car according to their requirement.

Convertible Car
Cruise Control: The system facilitates the driver to determine the desired speed of his car according to his requirement.
Cruise Control System

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