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Renault Laguna Review

Renault Laguna Launch Date

It is expected that Renault will launch Renault Laguna in India in the month of March 2014.


Renault Laguna Price

As per the industry sources, Renault Laguna price will fall in the range of Rs 14 to 15 lakh.

Renault Laguna Price and Variants

Renault Laguna PictureRenault is a great name in the motor industry. This French Mogul has strived to produce quality masterpieces in its hub. In India it came with a bang by announcing its first all powerful Logan and now Renault is planning to release its prodigy Laguna in the Indian markets. The French- made sedan will be available at a price tag ranging between 14-15 lacs INR. It is expected that Laguna may come in two variants as Expression 1.4 and Dynamique 1.4.  Talking about this beauty, Renault Laguna is just marvelous with its well defined looks and comfort. Splendid craftsmanship and built epitomizes the true beauty of a car and makes it a true specimen of ambience. This beauty has already grabbed Full marks in the safety department by getting five-star Euro NCAP Ratings which will make the ride safer for the driver. Renault further promised to give the space, luxury and comfort that of a sedan in its newest look. Laguna is in tough competition with a few big names globally but it will come out as a leader as when it’ll be launched in the country. The Laguna would be a multi- tasker providing the attributes of both elegance and grandeur.

Renault Laguna PictureBoasting superb design characteristics and redefined safety features, Renault Laguna is just as magnetic as its siblings. The aggressive stance of the car demands an allure from the viewer in and instant he watches it.  The state-of-art technology makes the ride powerful and pleasing, mounting it up with the French magnificence. From the beautiful headlights to its spacious cabins, the Laguna shows off a pleasing look. Great features like Panoramic Sunroof, Automatic handbrake, superb Bose Audio System, Bi-Xenon Directions headlamps, Carminat Tom Tom Live navigation system, Multi-functional Tune Point, ASR, ESC, all will complement the Built of this Car with their presence. Many other features will be revealed once the Laguna hits the market.


Renault Laguna Variants Price (INR) Features

Variants Features

Renault Laguna 1.4  Expression

Panoramic Sunroof, Automatic handbrake, superb Bose Audio System, Bi-Xenon Directions headlamps, Carminat Tom Tom Live navigation system, Multi-functional Tune Point,  ASR, ESC, Electro chrome rear-view mirror, Renault Key card, Electronic automatic parking brake.
Renault Laguna  Dynamique 1.4 Same as Laguna expression but lacks Renault Key-card security and Electronic automatic parking brake.


Renault Laguna Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Mileage figures of this car are unknown. But Renault Promises to make this Car more mileage Efficient and fit for Indian roads. But as in case of emissions, Renault Laguna is proven eco­2   i.e. it produces low CO2  Emissions. With the latest Renault technology, Laguna surely is a car to aspire for. Fuel efficiency is a thing to work on, and Renault Laguna is expected to be awesome in the classes of fuel efficient cars.


Renault Laguna Engine, Power and Performance

The Renault’ Laguna Buckles up with 1.4 l engine. With a good displacement of 1390 cc and showing off a power of 100 bhp, the Power of this cool engine makes the ride full of joy and luxury. The detailed characteristics of the Engine will however be in light only and once the car has its place in the market.


Renault Laguna Pickup and Acceleration

Renault Laguna Techometer PictureThe 1.4 l Engine of the Renault Laguna delivers a power of about 100 bhp and generates a decent torque of around 127 Nm, quite excellent and super powerful, the engine also attains a pickup from 0- 100 Km/ h within a short span of just 11.9 seconds and attains a top speed of 193 Km/ h.



Renault Laguna Interiors and Features

Renault Laguna Interior PictureFor the interiors of Laguna, it can surely be said that it has luxury redefined. Renault Laguna is already been a show stopper in the 2010 Paris Motor Show with grace and beauty. It is now ready to mesmerize with its Spectacular advanced and distinct interiors and features and a totally newly designed body. This Beautiful Saloon is just a marvelous piece of pure majesty and Luxury. The smooth and Peaceful Dark carbon interiors with grey stitching together with multi adjustable seats only bring out the state-of-art design. The highly accustomed instrument panel adds to the beauty and technology of this stylish saloon. The terrific seating arrangement along with broad wide seats of the vehicle would charm the passengers with sheer pleasure. The mix-up of Sporty style yet the classic one upholstery will leave you stunned by its beauty.

Renault Laguna Front AC PictureAn awesome yet stylish dashboard makes a way for a big glove box and other storage spaces too. You cannot forget small but handy center console storage. Equipped with automatic dual zone air-conditioning, Laguna provides a toxicity sensor too. The panoramic sunroof which could be optional here in Indian markets has a tinge of excited hunch to it.  The front and rear Proximity sensors display is a great tool to handle and maneuver the car while parking.  The rear side of the seats is fixed with ISOFIX Fastening system that would help in child safety. The stylish whiplash styled headrests could possibly be the best headrest ever made as they can be tilted and adjusted along with the whole seat.  A great TomTom navigation system with rather a very large display for the maps is a good addition.


Renault Laguna Exteriors and Features

Renault Laguna Head Light PictureThe great Renault Laguna’s exteriors are as elegant as that of its interiors. The eye catchy exteriors will leave you mesmerized and wanting for more. The beautiful and elegant headlamps will increase the charm of the front fascia.  Along with that those head lamps are equipped with Bi-directional Xenon Headlights which make it in the daylight for more natural appeal and great control overnights. The beautiful circular fog lamps further enhance the beauty of the fancy front fascia. On the gracious and sporty styled bumper, Renault company logo adds to the glory of this Classic Car. The scintillating alloy wheels and the bold sporty roof rails make it a style statement. The rear end of the Laguna is simply marvelous with the tail lamps completing the remaining beauty of the vehicle. The Renault Laguna is something beyond we call looks; it’s the new style; after all it has been excellently carved and finished by the exquisiteness of the French craftsmanship.


Safety and Features in Renault Laguna

Renault Laguna Tail Light PictureAs mentioned earlier, Renault is known for introducing best safety features in its cars and the all new; soon to be launched Laguna is too a part of this legacy. Equipped with Sophisticated Safety features, this car is just the safest on the roads. Moreover Renault claims that the car will be perhaps the finest in competition as far as the safety is concerned. Apart from the basic safety features like ABS (Anti- lock braking system), EBD (Electronic brake force distribution), brake assist mechanism, park assist feature, Airbags, fog lamps in the front, it comes with Bi-directional xenon headlamps, a key card for opening the gates as well.


Renault Laguna Driving and Handling

Renault Laguna Steering Wheel PictureThe Renault Laguna is well equipped with a powerful and responsive steering that will help ease the pressure on the driver and deliver responsive handling. The four-wheel steering controlled chassis is just perfect for easy maneuverability and handling issues. Moreover, the braking and the transmission would be very smooth and highly performance oriented. More details will soon be revealed and preceded once the car comes down to the market.


Renault Laguna Accessories

There is no information about the accessories that will come with the Laguna however it is expected that the car will be well equipped with a Bose Audio system which itself is a brand as far as music and sound quality is concerned.


Renault Laguna Conclusion

Renault Laguna is to hit the markets soon and hopefully will be able to stand leveled with the anticipation it has generated.

*Please Note: All the information mentioned above and the information missing is variable to change with due course and respective to time. The Information will be updated on regular basis.

Renault Laguna Variants

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