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Thursday, January 26, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Renault-Nissan JV to double car production soon, to hire more manpower

Renault in joint venture Nissan has decided to double its car production capacity and it will be hiring 500 people till March. The Renault-Nissan JV’s decision is based on the recent decision to start exports of the sedan Nissan Sunny in March and thus it will be expanding production capacity to 400,000 cars per year. Renault has a car plant near Chennai that it has set up in association with Nissan. It is at this plant that Nissan Sunny, Nissan Micra and Renault Pulse are made besides assembling of the completely knocked down cars imported to India by Nissan and Renault.  

As part of the expansion, a production line will be set up at the plant and thus the plant capacity will be doubled. The expansion will need an additional manpower of 700 people. Out of this the company will be hiring 500 people and will be diverting 200 people to the new production line among the workers currently employed.
With the production capacity increasing in March, Nissan Evalia MPV is expected to be available for sale in India in August. Also, the Evalia is expected to have a larger share of localization as is the case with Micra, Pulse and Sunny. 
Notably, the 4500 crore worth plant is used by both Renault and Nissan for the production and assembling of their respective cars. The decision to expand the capacity of the JV plant in Chennai is expected to be the outcome of the recent bulging of the product line up by Renault that has introduced Renault Pulse hatchback. Besides, Nissan has also unveiled its MPV Nissan Evalia at Delhi Auto Expo, Jan 2012. The increase in production will ensure that the two companies are able to meet the growing demand for Nissan and Renault cars in India. Apart from this Nissan will be initiating exports of its sedan Nissan Sunny to Middle East this year. Notably, Nissan Micra is already being exported to other countries from India.

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