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Hyundai i10 Sportz GLS Reviews


By Kuldeep

Price: 9,03,800


An adept piece of Korean engineering

Pros : Great looks all around, spacious interiors, nice fuel efficiency, low turning radius and gives a sports car feel

Cons : Tyres are small and thin

Hyundai, the Korean auto giant holds the maximum number of research and development centers in Asia today and their good market understanding and knowledge has resulted in the development of some of the finest modern pieces of engineering. They understand well the requirement and need of the developing world well and have redesigned their current fleet to suit the changing needs. The current face of Hyundai I10 is a result of a massive change we can witness in the exteriors and interiors as well. It’s an all new face with outstanding finishing and astonishing looks.

Car’s front has been redesigned completely to give a refreshed alive look. Bold aggressive headlights accompanied with trapezoidal grill and new stylish fog lamps make it nothing short of a sports car. Rear is completely new and the side profile of the car is not amended much except the mirrors which now, a combination of a mirror together with defogger and indicator lights. Tyres are small and thin in all the I-10 models and suspension is improved a lot to make it a softer comfortable ride on all sort of terrains.

Car’s interior has undergone a series of radical changes and I was astonished to see the whole new interior feel. The old beige and black color is replaced with a metallic finish and brown color, now it is more soothing to the senses and absorbs the sunlight well resulting in a good stress view for the driver. The previous green interior lightening is changed with blue color. Front console looks new and more stylish with the all new instrument cluster and inbuilt music system whose controls are also available on the steering for better control. It’s a great car and the best value for money.

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